Agriculture Science Research Group

The Agriculture Science Research Group (ASRG) has as its ultimate objective to improve production of food and other natural assets such as commercial crop woods. The aim is to reach higher productivities with a more judicious use of productive factors and reduced environmental impacts.

A special effort will be made on the following research framework:

  • Develop methodologies for the promotion of good practices in agriculture including precision farming and organic agriculture; the sustainable production systems and regarding rational water usage, environmental and soil conservation along with granted revenues, local tradition, animal welfare and public health.
  • Develop methodologies to enable biodiversity conservation through the protection of local plant landraces and local animal breeds, favoring their genetic improvement.
  • Increase yield and animal breeding while finding new ways of maintaining the productive capacity of ecosystems, along with that the improvement of knowledge and characterization on endogenous plant and animals and their resulting products with potential to be valued for its unique characteristics.

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