Sara Proença

  • Name: Sara Proença
    ORCID Number: 0000-0002-9146-3910
    Scopus Number: 23987958000
    Institucional Adress: ESAC/Polytechnic Institute of Coimbra, Bencanta, 3045-601 Coimbra, Portugal
    Institutional Telephone: +351 239 802 940
  • Proença, S. & Fortes, P.
    How significant are fiscal interactions in climate policy design? A CGE analysis (2016)
    IEEE Xplore, vol.NA, pp.NA

    Fortes, P., Proença, S. & Seixas, J.
    How renewable energy promotion impacts the Portuguese economy? (2015)
    IEEE Xplore, vol.NA, pp.NA

    Proença, S. & St. Aubyn
    Hybrid modelling to support energy-climate policy: effects of feed-in tariffs to promote renewable energy in Portugal (2013)
    Energy Economics, vol.38, pp.176-185

    Proença, S. & Soukiazis, E.
    Tourism as an economic growth factor: a case study for Southern European countries (2008)
    Tourism Economics, vol.14(4), pp.791-806

    Soukiazis, E. & Proença, S.
    Tourism as an alternative source of regional growth in Portugal: a panel data analysis at NUTS II and III levels (2008)
    Portuguese Economic Journal, vol. 7(1), pp.43-61

  • Proença, S. & St. Aubyn, M.
    Integrated Economy-Energy-Environment (E3) Modelling for Policy Analysis (2015)
    Chapter title: Energy Science & Technology, Vol. 12: Energy Management, 167-196
    Studium Press LLC, USA

    Proença, S.
    Impact Assessment of Energy and Climate Policies: A Hybrid Bottom-up General Equilibrium Model (HyBGEM) for Portugal (2014)
    Chapter title: E-book
    Edições Almedina

    Proença, S. & St. Aubyn, M.
    A hybrid Top-down/Bottom-up model for energy policy analysis in a small open economy – the Portuguese case. (2009)
    Chapter title: Anales de Economía Aplicada/Anais de Economia Aplicada, 43-64
    Asepelt e Delta Publicaciones

  • PAYT – Tool to Reduce Waste in South Europe
    Research Team Member: Sara Proença
    Institution: Instituto Politécnico de Coimbra
    Period: 09/16 – 12/19
    Grant: European Commission, LIFE programme
    Project Code: LIFE15 ENV/PT/000609
    Funding value: NA
    Project site: http://

    PoliEntrepreneurship Innovation Network (PIN)
    Institution Main Investigator: Sara Proença
    Institution: NA
    Period: 05/16 – 04/18
    Grant: Compete 2020/Portugal 2020
    Project Code: 03/SIAC/2015
    Funding value: NA
    Project site: http://

    FooD-STA – Food Studies & Training Alliance
    Research Team Member: Sara Proença
    Institution: NA
    Period: 01/15 – 12/17
    Grant: European Commission, ERASMUS+
    Project Code: 554312-EPP-1-2014-1-AT-EPPKA2-KA
    Funding value: NA
    Project site: http://

    HybCO2 – Hybrid approaches to assess economic, environmental and technological impacts of long term low carbon scenarios – the Portuguese case
    Research Team Member: Sara Proença
    Institution: FCT/Universidade Nova de Lisboa
    Period: 03/10 – 08/13
    Grant: Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia
    Project Code: PTDC/AAC-CLI/105164/2008
    Funding value: NA
    Project site: http://

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