José Carlos Gonçalves

  • Area of scientific activity: Plant physiology and biotechnology.

    Domain of specializations: Plant cell tissue and organ culture. Micropropagation and plant propagation systems. In vitro germplasm conservation.

    Present research interests: Plant cell tissue and organ culture in general. Micropropagation and hormone influence on multiplication and rooting phases. In vitro germplasm conservation.

  • Name: José Carlos Gonçalves
    ORCID Number: 0000-0003-3387-4487
    Scopus Number: 7103325479
    Institucional Adress: Escola Superior Agrária, Qta Sra de Mércules, Ap. 119, 6001-909 Castelo BRanco
    Institutional Telephone: 272339900
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    DOI: NA

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  • Gonçalves, J.C., Amâncio, S., Pereira, J.S.
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    Kluwer Acad. Pub., Dordrecht, The Netherlands

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