ESAVThe Agrarian School Of Viseu (ESAV), officially established on December 19th, 1994 (DL no. 304/94), is one of the organic units of the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu, integrated in the Portuguese public higher education network, at the level of polytechnic education. This gave continuity to the tradition, since the City of Viseu had the privilege of being a pioneer in Agricultural Education in Portugal through the creation of the Agriculture Practical School of Viseu, by Decree of December 16th, 1852.

ESAV intends to transmit and disseminate knowledge to train students with a high level of competences in the areas of agrarian, food and veterinary sciences; to promote applied research and its dissemination, cultural, scientific and technological exchange with similar national and international institutions and the relationship with the business community in order to contribute to the development of the region and the country.

The objectives of ESAV are therefore threefold::
– Quality education through the transmission of constantly updated and precise technical and scientific knowledge, focusing on the use of key technologies for the training of students in the fields of agricultural and zootechnical production, ecology and landscaping, forestry, biosystems, food industries and veterinary nursing.
– Construction of links with the community, through technical and scientific support, projects, services, consultancy to companies, institutional organizations at regional, national and international level. Being able to give information, transmitting knowledge, mobilizing support and wishes, undoubtedly fundamental facts for the integration of the School in context. The quality of our teaching, stimulated by the successful implementation of the principles of the Bologna Declaration, demonstrates this reality well.
– Development of research, experimentation and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of agrarian, food and veterinary science, allowing the advancement of the respective production sectors. These activities are energized by the increasingly qualified faculty, being permanently committed to contribute to the educational success of the students, being evidence of this fact the high percentage of doctors.

ESAV is located in a prime area of the city of Viseu, in Quinta da Alagoa, with approximately 23 hectares. Having numerous cultures, standing out the vineyard, the orchard and the olive grove. It also has livestock production structures for sheep, goats, cattle, poultry and rabbits, as well as a Veterinary Nursing Center and laboratories, with technologies that allow the acquisition of skills in various technical-scientific fields.

Aiming a vocationed training to fully integrate students into their working lives, ESAV has a qualified and motivated staff of teachers and non-teaching staff. Also contributing to the success of the ESAV are its students who with their willingness, availability and ability to work allow excellent collaboration in the transmission and acquisition of skills.

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