Carlos Manuel Gaspar dos Reis

  • Name: Carlos Manuel Gaspar dos Reis
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    Institucional Adress: Escola Superior Agrária, Lab Biologia, Qta Srª Mercules, 6001-909 Castelo Branco
    Institutional Telephone: 272339941
  • Reis, C. M. G., Gazarini, L. C., Fonseca, T. F. and Ribeiro, M. M.
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    Experimental Agriculture, vol.54, pp.227-242

    Reis, C.M.G., Raimundo, J. & Ribeiro, M.M.
    Assessment of Genetic Diversity in Opuntia spp. Portuguese Populations Using SSR Molecular Markers. Agronomy, 8, 55-65; (2018)
    Agronomy, vol.8, pp.55-65

    Reis, C.M.G., Gazarini, L.C., Ribeiro, M.M.
    Fruit production from Opuntia ficus-indica ecotypes in comparison to commercial Italian clones (2018)
    Horticultural Science, vol.45, pp.92-100

    Raimundo, J., Reis, C.M.G., Ribeiro, M.M
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    Molecular Biology Reports, vol.NA, pp.1-8

    Reis, C.M.G., Gouveia, C., Vitorino, M.C., Gazarini, L.C., Ribeiro, M.M. & Peres, F.
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    Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, , vol.23(6), , pp.929–938.

    Rodrigues, A. M., Pitacas, F. I., Reis, C. M. G. and Blasco, M.
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    Rodrigues, A. M., Reis, C. M. G. and Rodrigues, P. J.
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    Bulgarian Journal of Agricultural Science, vol.18 (4), pp.571-577

    Reis, C. M. G., and Diogo, M. G.
    Identification of field pea cultivars (Pisum sativum L.) using microsatellite molecular markers. (2012)
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